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Toothless Plushie by darkdaylight Toothless Plushie :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 9 23 Am I not studious? by darkdaylight Am I not studious? :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 2 4 Birthday Present : Friends by darkdaylight Birthday Present : Friends :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 2 17 Valentine Dream 02 by darkdaylight Valentine Dream 02 :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 2 4 Valentine Dream 01 by darkdaylight Valentine Dream 01 :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 2 2 :DGM: Lavi -outlines- by darkdaylight :DGM: Lavi -outlines- :icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 4 19
Meeting Kurogane
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of CLAMP characters.
Warning: Kurogane might be a bit OOC, but well who knows how he would be if he had another life. At least, I will describe another Kurogane in this story than the one Fai is travelling with.
Next warning: Grammar and orthography. My spell check on the pc isn’t working and for it’s a birthday present, I don’t have the time to let this BETA read. So sorry for mistakes.
The new world Mokona had transported them to was very similar to the Hanshin World – except for the fact that there were no Kudans or magical powers there whatsoever. Meaning no feathers as well. Nevertheless, they decided to stay in this world for one night in which everyone could do what they wanted.
Syoran stayed with his princess, of course, while Kurogane and the mage decided  to go out side. Not together… of course.
As Fai left their hotel rooms, the kids were playing cards with Mokona. The white furball waved him goodbye before
:icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 7 37
Hugging Day
“Damn Manjuu! Where have you transportet again???”
Kurogane was currently torturing Mokona between his hands while the rest of their group looked at the mass of people in front of them. They seemed to be lucky to have landed in a little sideway where nobody would remark them.
In front of them, there were tons of people running from one person to another and … hugging each other like mad. A cheerful music could be heard about all the chatter of the people on the streets. Fai grinned. “Seems like they’re celebrating something.”
Syaoran was concerned about something else. He asked Mokona whether it could feel any feathers. The white fur ball stirred, thinking carefully, while Kurogane was angrily stretching his ears. “I’m not sure… There is a strange magic here, but it doesn’t feel exactly like one of Sakura-chan’s feathers…” “We should check this out anyway!”, the boy said forcefully.
“I propose that we find
:icondarkdaylight:darkdaylight 6 89
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Hello! :D
Are you still alive? Haven't heard from you in months! xDDD
Well, today my mom got me a new program and I got inspired, so I made this for you. ^^
darkdaylight Featured By Owner May 22, 2012

Seems like my deviant is still working. But I cannot open the link you've sent me.

Still, thank you for being such a really, really, reeeaaallyyy fantastic fan. :D You are too kind!

I may still be on deviantart about... once or twice a months? But I will try to look for your response tomorrow.

By the by: neither Dragonbreath nor me are dead ;)
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Hello! :D
Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy. xDU
Daw, sorry, I deleted the drawing a few months ago. D: I will draw more Dragonbreath fanart though! :D

Waa, you don't have to thank me! Your story stole my heart, seriously. :')
I'm soo glad you are not dead!!! xD Man, I can't wait to read a new chapter! Thank you for contacting me again!!! :huggle:
darkdaylight Featured By Owner May 28, 2012
You'll make people blush if you say such nice things *///*

Can't you upload the picture once again? Pretty please?
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Hello dear!! :D
[link] I made new fanart! (I read yer fic again *blush*)
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hey. ive read your ff on like Taru5naru5. It is AWESOME..when are gonna write the next chapter???
darkdaylight Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
When I got over the last flame...
Nope :P
Flames always get me down and angry but then I'm receiving messages like yours and I just feel bad for being so... not updating...

I am working on it!!! This chapter is just hard (once again, due to the last cliffhanger, I just made it harder for myself to formulate the next chap correctly.)

But don't worry... the fic isn't dead!
gingerbookworm Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
its ok. :D Yayfuls for last line *lol*
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